MALAPASCUA, another deadly accident on the Island

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Still no Hospital and NO DOCTOR on MALAPASCUA

Again, another deadly accident happend end of June 2009 in Malapascua Island cause there is still NO Doctor on the Island, No medical help (Except a midwife) and NO Hospital. 7000 Residents are living on Malapascua and additional about 1000 tourists per month are visiting Malapascua.

The wellknown prominent German Resort owner Manfred Förster of VILLA KAANIT, one of the nicest Resorts on the island, died end of June 2009
cause of sliding on the tiles of the terrace when he wanted to give some help to one of his guest who was afraid of flying BACOCANG. When Manfred went to the cottage, he slide on the tiles, fell down and broke his backbone.


No Doctor on the Island, No Hospital on the Island, No medical qualified help. After the accident Manfred was brought to his house and stayed for 4 days cause it was dangerous transporting him to the mainland. After 4 days his health was so bad that his family decided to bring him all the long way with a boat to Maya and than to Cebu City into the CHONG-HUA Hospital. But it was too late for any medical help now, no medical help could save his life and he died in the Hospital.

Manfred is not the first prominent victim of missing medical supply in MALAPASCUA, he is in a row with other Residents like the german owner of the LA ISLA BONITA RESTAURANT or the local prominent Passengerboat owner SANDRA and the others. And lets not forget the many little children who died cause of no hospital and no Doctor on the Island.

How come? There is already a property available to build a small Hospital, donated by Josephine, the manager of MANGROVE ORIENTAL RESORT. There are also medical instruments and equipment. And there are some foreigners (tourists) who are willing to donate additonal equipment for a hospital.

BUT NOTHING HAPPEND UNTIL NOW. So how many more must die until the local Goverment is getting in action and build that hospital, as they promised already since years.

Most of the Malapascua visitors are divers, come to see the Thresher Shark. And in case of a dive accident, there´s no avaiable help and no doctor to give first aid to rescue life. If you go diving in Malapascua, this could be the last dive in your life, voila, Patay.

Its a long way from Malapascua to CebuCity Hospital. About 1 hour boatride to the mainland and then about additional 3-4 hours to CebuCity with the car. In case of a typhoon, one has absolutely no chance to get to the mainland. Patay.

This is a foto taken July 2007 showing some of the members of the Resort foundation, Josephine who donated that place is fifth to right and DOT (Department of Tourism) on that place where the HOSPITAL should be build. Until now (July 2009), this place is empty.